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In this blog aims to empower you to master and heal your mind, spirit, and body. It will be featuring practical, as well as philosophical and metaphysical, guidance on how to thrive in a world full of distractions. Humanity has forgotten the stable pyramid-foundation of physical existence, on which all mental and spiritual endeavour needs to be based, in order to grow upward towards the light, without losing balance.

Ankh. Wajah. Seneb.

Life. Prosperity. Health. As above, so below, now and always.


Oral Hygiene

Looking after your mouth should not be daunting. This article shares simple, practical, low cost ways of looking after your oral health in a natural way. If you would like to know how to make an alkaline mouthwash to prevent acid erosion, what proper brushing and flossing technique looks like, how to keep your teeth…


This article aims to take a fresh look at numbers and describe their vibrational potential in the context of a creative process. Natural numbers are a logical sequence, a progression of stages that follow and build upon each other, much like a pregnancy. It’s an unfolding of creative potential, a microcosm that helps us understand…


All human life if founded in trust. Without trust, no relationships are possible. Without trust in nature, the universe, the divine, sustaining you, you are on constant high alert. A friend may slander your name, a parent lie to you, a partner be unfaithful, a business cheat you. This inevitably destroys relationships. But a breach…

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